Mission ENG

The aim of the Foundation is to create a Think Tank, a creative working group that is considered as a lab of ideas with the main purpose of intensifying the cultural and economic relationship with North America (USA and Canada), creating new relationships and strengthening existing ones.

In particular, our goal is to produce data, information, predicting phenomena, trying as much as possible to identify the opportunities and resources desirable in a globalized world in which we move.

Through the activities developed within the ThinK Tank we want, also, to promote cultural exchanges between Italy and North America, and in particular with the United States, by virtue of the deep bond that has always united American culture with the Italian one.

Remember that Italians have had a long history in the United States of America, land of great opportunities they have loved and helped to build; always an ideal place for the full and free expression of their creative talent.

Today the United States of America bear the constant memory of the countless people who, from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, emigrated, coming mainly from Southern Italy and whose cultural heritage still lives, through their descendants, in every aspect of American society.

For these reasons, the aim of the Foundation is to promote our history and culture in the USA (and more generally in North America) and act as a reference point for Americans who have Italian origins.

Through the think tank, the Foundation wants to hold regular meetings and conferences on the Italian language and culture as well as training activities through agreements and partnerships with universities and cultural institutions.

Avv. Franco Camarca

Responsabile economico-culturale Italia/Nord America